The Spawnpoint of the server is where every player first starts. People often move away from the spawn and then set their home somewhere else using /sethome.

Spawns in the pastEdit

First Server: The spawnpoint was just a blank space with a crafting bench to mark its location. There was no spawn building. This spawn was connected to the ancient town of Sandfall.

Second Server: The second server was the first to have a spawn building. The original spawn was in the sea around 500 blocks away from the new spawn. Geogzm set the spawn in a building he had created as a spawn hallway. This road was connected to Osamaville and Monteriggioni.

Third Server: The third server's original spawnpoint was on an island around 1000 blocks away from the new spawnpoint. The new spawnpoint was created in a Savanna biome that Geogzm saw fit for building on, and made a spawn hall there. This spawn is connected to Sparofield and what was once Oaktown.