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Overview of Frostmourne, The Salam Coast and Tylerville.

Sandfall (previously Tylerville) was the first and largest settlement on the First Server. It lies on the coast, just northwest of Frostmourne Woods. Among the outskirts is Shaft A.

A Railway Station is located in Sandfall, named Sandfall station. Route A leads to Icepeak Village.


Tylerville was originally just one small fort constructed by Tyler on May 23rd, however on May 24th it was expanded by a few new buildings. Shaft A was constructed by geogzm because "There were probably diamonds".

On May 25th, Tylerville was renamed to Sandfall because 'Tylerville sounded gay'.

On 27-28th May, Sandfall was caught up in a glitch caused by the 1.6 update, which lead to Sandfall being covered in snow.


Tylerville was found to the west of 51G Tower, to the northwest of Frostmourne Woods, southwest of the Salam Coast.


Sandfall is the very first Forerunner town, considered to be the predecessor to Imperia. Sandfall was "The Dawn of Man" for the First Server. Founded by Mezgohem and Relytes, it thrived in to the first semi-successful settlement in Servia.


Sandfall after the 1.6 glitch, which rendered it a snow-covered patch in the forest.