Miars are the equivilent to years in Lore.

50,000-70,000 Mi BGEdit

50,000 Mi BGEdit

  • The Forerunners die out. Only a few small pockets of humanity live on for the next 40,000 years.

20 Mi BGEdit

16 Mi BGEdit

  • Sandfall raided, Geogzm and Tyler flee to the desert and begin Osamaville

10 Mi BGEdit

  • Osamaville abandoned, Geogzm and Tyler set on a long journey.
  • After several months of travel, they stumble across the buried city of Empirium.

5 Mi BGEdit

  • Imperia founded on top of Empirium.

1 Mi BGEdit

  • Forerunner tombs are excavated, the Second Dawn begins
  • ==0 Mi BG==
  • The Forerunner war begins