Imperia, civitas opulenta (the city of prosperity), is a city founded by Geogzm and Tyler. It was founded on the 18 June 2011 around 300 blocks away from Stone Bracks Island.

The CityEdit

Imperia itself has a variety of buildings. There are many houses of various sizes, along with the following landmarks:

  • Imperia Palace
  • Imperia Cathedral
  • Serenity Square Gardens

Build StyleEdit

The building style for HOUSES is as so:

  • Lot size defined by higher up, common lot sizes are 7x7x6, 10x10x6 and 14x14x10
  • Wood Supports
  • TBDF (To be defined)


Future plans for the city are to expand the walls, add more use to Imperia Hall, finish the Cathedral and Palace, finish the Subway, and complete the main entrance.