In the server Lore, the Forerunners were an empire (?) that existed many Miars before the current server. They began the village of Empirium, which evolved in to Imperia.

Known ForerunnersEdit

Not many forerunners are known.

Forerunner Kings:

  • Mezgohem, Stone King of Emperium (Died defending Empirium from an unknown enemy)
  • Rehlytes, Iron King of Brackenzia (now Stone Bracks Island) (Died of unknown causes, presumed natural)
  • Nellak, Wood King of Sparenze (now Sparofield) (Died defending his comrades from a wave of Creepers on a mining expidition)
  • Mondar, Water King of Sparenze (Died fighting off a wave of Creepers in the same mining expidition)
  • Norfern, Grass King of Sarfell (Died defending Sarfell from an unknown enemy)

Other Forerunners:

  • Retar, Water Soldier of Sparenze
  • Levkanem, Fire Soldier of (Unknown)
  • Venlassen, Forerunner Merchant in Empirium
  • Sedemirechiotto, Mezgohem's trusted assistant
  • Sademirochietto, Sedemirechitto's Brother
  • Minechest Man, an unnamed Forerunner found dead in a chest outside Imperia
  • Stillettina, the only known female forerunner, remains found in a chest in a bog.


According to legend, the Forerunners left various Tombs around Servia before they died.